What’s In Season

California Grown Fruits
and Vegetables Now in Season

Summer is here!

California Stone fruit is in full swing!  Yellow and White Nectarines, Peaches,  Plums, Donut Peaches and Nectarines.

CHERRIES CHERRIES CHERRIES!!! Northwestern Bing and Rainier Cherries are incredible.  Dark, crisp, and packed full of juicy flavor.  You might want a bib…

Apricots have started coming in from the Northwest and are tasting great.

Local Organic Cherry, Heirloom, and Early Girl Tomatoes are finally in and are bursting with flavor.

Strawberries and Blueberries are in season and have been tasting fantastic.

English Peas and Green Beans are coming in locally and are looking and tasting amazing.

Plums, Peaches, Nectarines, and Apricots are in and tasting wonderful! 

We have JackFruit!

Corn from the desert has been tasting buttery sweet.  Local corn has been slow to start but is trickling in.

Local Peaches and Nectarines from McKinney Farms in Brentwood are small but packed full of flavor.

Los Altos Hills Grown Sun Dried Apricots are all sold out until what’s growing on the trees gets picked and dried.  

Valencia Orange Juice have been absolutely delicious, and is squeezed every day and made from nothing but the finest valencia oranges.

Feel like being a Fun-guy?  Our new mushroom foragers have been coming back with some beautiful fresh Porcini, Morell, Chanterelle, and Lions Mane mushrooms.  We also have dried Maitake, Turkey Tail, Matsutake, Porcini, and Lobster Mushrooms just to name a few. 

Don’t forget to grab some of our fresh Orange juice, Squeezed everyday.  

*Locally Produced Favorites*

Marianne’s ice cream from Santa Cruz

*Greenlees Famous Cinnamon Bread*

We are the only retailer that receives this bread fresh and hot out of the oven, never frozen.


Mary’s 100% Cage Free Chickens


Peet’s Coffee In Stock! 

Don’t forget to order one of our beautiful Fruit Baskets


We also carry dried and chocolate covered fruits from C.J. Olson in Sunnyvale.

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