What’s In Season

California Grown Fruits
and Vegetables Now in Season

Summer is starting to make way for Fall

Grape season is upon us!  Celebration Red, Thompson Green Seedless, Cotton Candy, Moon Drops, Concord, and Natural Grapes just to name a few.

Tomatoes are finally starting to get good.  California grown organic Heirloom Tomatoes have been wonderful.  The Local organic Early Girl Tomatoes have been tasting wonderful as well.  Limited supply of organic Japanese Pink Tomatoes have been trickling in too.

Stone Fruit season is starting to wind down.  Peaches and Nectarines are starting to come in from the Northwest but the many different types  of California plums are still going strong. 

Apples are just starting to come into season.  Gravenstein, Gala, and Honeycrisp Apples from Gizditch Ranch have just hit the shelves.

Pies, Apples, Jams, and Fresh Pressed Apple Juice from Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville delivered fresh every Wednesday and  Saturday.

Don’t forget to grab some of our fresh Orange juice, Squeezed everyday.

*Locally Produced Favorites*

Marianne’s ice cream from Santa Cruz

*Greenlees Famous Cinnamon Bread*

We are the only retailer that receives this bread fresh and hot out of the oven, never frozen.


Mary’s 100% Cage Free Chickens


1000 Hills Beef 

Fresh Cut Meat Department - Pierce's Express Markets & Liquor Stores

Prairie Fresh Pork Loins

Inexpensive Hatfield Pork Butts Package | Huntspoint.com

Peet’s Coffee In Stock! 

Don’t forget to order one of our beautiful Fruit Baskets


We also carry dried and chocolate covered fruits from C.J. Olson in Sunnyvale.

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