What’s In Season

California Grown Fruits
and Vegetables Now in Season

Enjoy the Taste of Summer

The tastiest time of year is upon us!

Local grown Peaches and Nectarines from Aguilar Farms in Modesto, are in and tasting great!

Local grown sweet corn is tasting better than it has  ever been.  Our new producer, LJB Farms in San Martin, has the tastiest corn around and is delivering it to us fresh several times a week.

  California Melons have hit the market and are tasting great.  Over 14 different types to choose from!  Cantaloupe, Piel de Sapo, Crenshaw, Canary, Galia, Orange and Green Honeydew just to name a few.  The Organic Charantaise has been particularly flavorful and intoxicatingley aromatic.

Plums, Pluots, and Apriums O my!  We have over 8 different varieties of plum and plum-crosses.  No matter your flavor preference, there is bound to be one that meets your liking.

Local grown Heirloom Tomatoes and Dry Farm Tomatoes are just starting to hit their stride.  Prices are falling and flavor is increasing rapidly.

Momotaro and Cherry Momotaro Tomatoes from West Vista Farms are starting to ramp up production, causing prices to come down.

Pies, Berries, Jams, Meyer Lemons, and Fresh Pressed Apple Juice from Gizditch Ranch in Watsonville delivered fresh every Wednesday and  Saturday.

Don’t forget to grab some of our fresh Orange juice, Squeezed everyday.

*Locally Produced Favorites*

Marianne’s ice cream from Santa Cruz

Image result for marianne's ice cream

*Greenlees Famous Cinnamon Bread*

We are the only retailer that receives this bread fresh and hot out of the oven, never frozen.


**Don’t Forget Your Favorite Ice Cream From Marianne’s Fine Ice Creams In Santa Cruz!!**


Mary’s 100% Cage Free Chickens




Peet’s Coffee In Stock! 

***Turkish Delights made right down the road in Sunnyvale***


Don’t forget to order one of our beautiful Fruit Baskets


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